If a story completes, can it be re-triggered in the same conversation?


I have a story which completes correctly. However, I cannot trigger it again in the same conversation.

Is there a way of enabling this?

Thank you!

Hi @pomegran. Can you please your config, domain, and the story?


Sure! I have made it simple and at the moment I have used “action_restart” at the end of each rule and story which is still not ideal but works better - as long as I finish a story of course!

Bear in mind I could use a form to handle these with certainty but I am starting to learn about stories and I was using this as a way to learn about their benefits vs forms. I am looking to build some complex dialogue trees and stories seemed the only way to achieve this.


config.yml (1.3 KB) domain.yml (1.2 KB) stories.yml (855 Bytes)

I’d recommend looking into the Augmented Memoization Policy and forms

I switched to the AugmentedMemoization Policy and removed all my restarts and it worked as I wanted - thank you for pointing that out!

I am using forms for some other use cases but they’re extremely linear - stories give me a little more branching functionality.

Thanks for your help Ty!