I wonder where does rasa recognize lookup table file path in source code?

File pattern_utils.py will check if the value of "elements" is a list, if not, it must be a file path.

But in lookup_tables_parser.py, it just put everything into a list. So I wonder where does rasa make file path a str rather than a list?

Hey @Humanlike, sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking about. Could you rephrase? Is there any particular issue/error you’re running into?

Looking at the types in function signatures, clearly in pattern_utils it allows elements to be both a list and a string, but in lookup_tables_parser it expects only a list. I think this shouldn’t be an issue, at least not when working with data in the YAML format, but I’m happy to hear of any issues you’ve encountered :slightly_smiling_face: