I downloaded a reminder bot from one of rasa example but got errors

i cloned one of rasa example which is reminder bot but has an error from the action.py …and also after i set a reminder how will the reminder works or it is just a sample that has no functionality of showing the reminder??

Can you try removing the next function wrapping the tracker.get_slot() call on line 61 of the actions.py file of that example?

@kearnsw same problem…anyways forget it… help me solve this problem…am getting the output twice in rasa shell

@kearnsw with small letter “amoxa” works fine but for capital “Amoxa” the output becomes twice

        for e in entities:
            if e['entity'] == 'drug':
                drug_name = e['value']
            if drug_name == "amoxa" or drug_name == "Amoxa":
            elif drug_name == "tablet":

                dispatcher.utter_message(template="utter_notfound") ```