Noticed a certain percentage of cases when the reminder doesn't trigger

We have FormAction with 7 fields. Requesting last slot creates remainder:

date = + datetime.timedelta(seconds=15)
                return default_slots + [ReminderScheduled(

For most cases it works properly, but for some cases it doesn’t trigger and there weren’t any errors in logs. Could you tell how to catch this type of errors? Do I have to check Rabbit messages?

Hi @gbax and thanks for your question!

I think that issues can happen in two places:

  1. RabbitMQ: checking the logs sounds like a good first step
  2. The Rasa server: you should see logs when a reminder is supposed to be sent

Also bear in mind that All reminders are cancelled whenever you shutdown your Rasa server. (more info here)

" All reminders are cancelled whenever you shutdown your Rasa server." Do you happen to know how to avoid this or maybe if we can re-trigger the reminders once the server is restarted?

(sorry for the long response time). So it would be possible to do that with some custom code. For instance, when your app creates a reminder, it can save a record in a database. When the reminder is dispatched, you could save a flag that says that the reminder has been dispatched. And on server restart, it’d be possible to lookup this database for reminders that were never sent, with a date in the past.

Is this a possibility for you? Does that make sense?