How will the bot be able to return specific replies based on values of the same slot?

how will the bot able to return specific replies based on values of the same slot?

for example:-

story :-

##happy path service center enquiry







the flow goes like this(after the initial greet):-
Customer :- where is the nearest service center?

Bot :- Which city are you from?

Customer :- I am from Bangalore.

Bot :- List of service centers in Bangalore :- <gives a list of service center based on customer’s city> .

relevant slots,entities,actions and templates in my domain.yml file :-



type: text


type: text


  • customer_location
  • workshop_location


  • utter_greet
  • utter_city_name
  • utter_Service_Center_OR_Factory



  • text: “Hey, {PERSON}!This is Ollie,your assistant.How may I help you?”
  • text: “Hi {PERSON}!I am here to help.Shoot!”
  • text: “Hi,how can I help you?”


  • text: “Which city are you from?”
  • text: “Name of the city please?”


  • text: “Workshop is located at <relevant workshop locations based on customer’s city>”

relevant intents in my file :-



How can i make the bot return a list of service centers based on the customer’s city?

Is there a way to map between the value of the customer_location slot and the relevant workshop_location ?

PS :- service center and workshop are same entity(workshop_location)

I think you can write your own code in the action server.

Any solution without custom action?