How to write an intent which gets triggered regardless of the entity type extracted?

Hi I’m a new user,

I’m trying to write a simple bot that uses spacy pretrained embeddings and when it detects an entity, writes it to a file. For that purpose I’ve written a custom action, that gets triggered when the user writes a simple sentence (i.e John is an actor) My story looks like this

write data

  • write_data_action
    • action_write_data

and the NLU


The problem is that the action never gets triggered unless I specify exactly in the story that a PERSON entity is expected like:

write data{“PERSON”: “Jack”}

  • write_data_action
    • action_write_data

I want an intent that gets triggered regardless of the entity or number of entities being recognized, and it will understand that this intent should be run due to the train data, and not due to the entity type (because I might have hundreds of entities and types and I would have to hundreds of entities that way)

Generally I’m trying to wrap my head around when should I write (intent){entity_type: “value”} and plain (intent) in the stories.

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

Did you manage to do this? @checker20