How to use spacy in forms in 2.0

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These are my files and I am using the forms and I am using PERSON by spacy pipeline and it’s not detecting the person… name anything I did wrong here?? correct me friends @Juste

Hi @prakashr. You should label the entities in your nlu.yml file as follows:

- intent: get_email
  examples: |
    - My name is [prakash](PERSON) email-id is
    - My name is [prakash](PERSON)
    - I can be call by [prakash](PERSON)
    - i am [prakash](PERSON) 

A few things to note:

  • Some of the examples you included for get_email intent are not very good for training this intent. For example ‘My name is prakash’ has nothing to do with providing the email. If your assistant needs to collect person names at one of the steps, I’d suggest creating a separate intent for it
  • Extracting names is a tricky NLU challenge which sometimes includes some additional techniques especially when dealing with non-English names. I am guessing it is your case as well. To improve the name entity extraction you could try adding a lookup table by using a list on possible names your assistant could extract.
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@Juste thanks for the reply will make changes to it…