How to use slot value in MYSQL Query

Hi Guys. Im trying to use my slot value as a variable that I want to retrieve from my database. To elaborate a variable location is declared. It is set to tracker.getSlot(“location”). So basically I want a query to be executed which used the value of location in my sql query. I am attaching pictures below.

Thank you!

Hey @zaidalvi, can you try writing the story in below format:

  - slot{"location":"value"}
  - action_find_by_location

Thank you @JiteshGaikwad. Fixing my story to your pattern has fixed my errors. I have one more question at the moment. Some of my synonym are not working. For instance I have a location called “defence” (this word is in a different language in my nlu file. I have stated a synonym against this value but it does not work with my slot. Any ideas?

does this format work for rasa 2.0 as well?