How to use same intent several times

I want to have mood_great intent, several times in my conversations. For example at the beginning, when I ask the user how are they today, and later, when I ask them if they want to continue the conversation(no need to make another intent, mood_great works).

But, when I have mood_great, in the middle of the story, and at the beginning of another rule, it says they are overlapping and I am not able to train the model.

I believe there is a workaround for this, since I am trying to build a long conversation chatbot, and the same intents will be used several times.

Any idea how to solve this?

If you’re using rules then there can be one, and only one, response to an intent. If the intent can have multiple responses then you’ll need to use stories.yml files instead.

Can you share your rules in rules.yml and your stories in stories.yml that uses the mood_great intent?