How to use a static session ID for rasa shell and rasa interactive?

Hi Folks,

How can I get rasa to always use the same session ID when I debug, either via rasa shell or via rasa interactive? Every time I restart it, it generates a new session ID.


Hi @endreb, thanks for reaching out - happy to help! Could you please clarify if by session_id you’re referring to conversation_id? In this case, there would be a way to set conversation ID via both rasa shell and rasa interactive, but will wait for you to confirm first.

Hi @anca ,

Yes thats what I am looking for.

Thank you, Endre

Hi @endreb,

You can try rasa shell --conversation-id MY_CONVERSATION_ID or rasa interactive --conversation-id MY_CONVERSATION_ID.

All the possible command line arguments are listed here.

Hope this helps.