How to trigger intent after free text in response without classifying an intent


how to make rasa not to classify a response as intent… it should directly trigger an utter_response after taking response from user as free text. I know we can do it from form actions but this form actions format is changed in rasa 2.0 and it is confusing. So, is there any way that we can take response as free text and don’t classify any intent and just trigger utter_response

I guess u must classify this text into out_of_scope class or you can use FALLBACK EVENT

@b22sk2 thank you for the reply. Default fallback helps but it will give only one response for multiple user inputs. I want to utter responses based on stories we define… like it takes whatever the user types, it will listen and - utter_question1 response.

##test story

  • greet
    • utter_greet
    • action_listen
    • utter_question1
    • action_listen
    • utter_question2
    • action_listen