Handle user input is not intent

Hi everyone, i have an issue in my rasa bot
i know that when user input is not an intent rasa bot will respone to the user utter_default. But when the conversation in a flow and user input is chitchat or not an intent i defined. I dont want the bot respone the utter_default
How can i handle this case. An intent like out_of_scope never is a good option because we never know all the user_input
for example in the stories


  • inflow
    • utter_inflow
  • not_any_intent
    • utter_handle_this_case
    • action_restart

Hi @vunt39 could you give us some more details on what’s happening? would be great to see the debug logs of rasa where your conversation is going wrong.

Hi @akela thank you for reply
in my case i make my chatbot for people who want to order some food. When the people chat with my bot for the first time to start order some thing like:
user: order lunch
bot: hello what food do you want to order
user: ;lsakdjhf;dsalkjhgf;ldsafh
bot: sorry. i dont understand

in this story utter_default: “sorry. i dont understand”.
i want the bot response the other some thing like: utter_not_intent: “sorry you are in the order lunch flow. please chat ‘restart’ if you want to end this flow”.
utter_default i will use it for the other case.

my question is how can i write a story in stories.md file when user chat some thing chatbot can not understand and respone an utter different of utter_default

@vunt39 you can either change the content of the utter_default template, or you can override the ActionDefaultFallback action to change what the bot says based on the context.

Another option is to have an out_of_scope intent and add these kinds of utterances to the intent, and then write stories to handle that