How to take anything into form

Good morning from India @Juste @juste_petr

I have completed the needed chatbot with rasa as per my company expectation. The only thing I am struggling is with name part. I want to do a simple thing I just want to take anything which comes into my database when I ask What is your name? Currently that is not possible cause we need to define slot thing but in the name part it is unable to extract slot everytime. So what i can do is to take anything that comes as a reply of a que what is your name?

But how I can do that with form please guide!!

you can do this with the from_text slot mapping, see Forms

what will be structure of then domain file for slot and stories and this slot mapping will come under actionform class? do i then need required slots function as well?

this shuoldn’t affect your stories or domain at all - it’s a method you imlement in your custom action. See Building contextual assistants with Rasa Forms for more details