How to store rasa chat history and fetch data from it when the user asks the same question again instead of triggering again?

DAY -1 USER - asks the chatbot - “How to install Git?” CHATBOT - runs to fetch the data from my set of webpages in my website and displays result

DAY-2 USER - asks the same question again CHATBOT - must fetch data from the chat history rather than processing the entire thing again

How can this be done? @nik202 any help would be appreciated

@Meenu1 well this is a different use-case as Rasa every time creates a new session for the chatbot, so you need to store the session-wise record for the user who visits again and asked the same question, else for a new user this is a normal scenario which you had mentioned.

Thank you @nik202 But what if i dont want it to be user specific?

The chatbot must store all the chat history or logs of all the users in a single file and fetch data from it incase the the new question asked by some user is same as an old question asked by some other user?

@Meenu1 how it makes the difference still, he will return the same output whatever the user will ask the different or same question. You can store the conversation in a database or .csv file whilst using tracker store or

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