How to set endpoints.yml when running custom action docker and rasa docker

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Assume I build an action docker my/app, and I’m also running rasa/rasa:1.7.0-full as docker run -it -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa:1.7.0-full shell on the same instance, then how to set endpoints.yml? What should I change the “localhost” to?

  url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"


I am also interested in this.

My opinion, you better use a docker-compose file to name, run and manage your services.

I run a RASA container and an actionserver container on the same network. In the endpoint.yml the configuration is


actionserver is the name of the container.

You’re right. We can either use docker-compose or use docker alone to do it. I’ve solved my case as below: Asume you have my/app and my/rasa dockers, to connect two containers on the same machine:

  1. create a docker bridge network “rasa-network”, as

docker network create rasa-network

  1. connect rasa and action containers to this bridge network when start them, as

docker run --name action --network rasa-network my/app


docker run -it --name run --network rasa-network -v $(pwd):/app my/rasa shell

  1. edit your endpoints.yml, as

Basically, docker containers can access each other’s services by the name of container as long as they are connceted to the bridge network you pre-defined.

Would you recommend your solution @yiouyou if I’m trying to build everything on AWS ECS?

Yes. It works for me. Hope it suits your case.

Great thanks, do you have wechat or something so we can maybe exchange few more information?