How to serve Rasa and Actions?

Hi. Rasa has been evolved so much in the recent months that I’m struggling to find out up to date information about some topics. In this case in particular I need help to understand how can I deploy/serve rasa endpoints: the main endpoint, and the one for the actions. The only way I’m able right now to make the RASA service available for me is running first “rasa run actions” in one terminal and “rasa run” in other terminal. Then, my chatbot app can interact with it. But how can I make those both services persist in my 24 hour ubuntu server? I have no idea. Thanks so much in advance.

You have to push the process to background using ‘&’ after every command and use nohup for making it 24hrs running…Hope it helps…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @serranomorante

@imabhinav-am’s answer is correct. However if you want to closely observe the verbose output of the separate services (e.g. imagine there comes an NLG server in addition) you might think of a named screen or, the more stable way:

Deploy it as a service that can be started and stopped with systemctl by putting a service file into /etc/systemd/system. This service is even started after the server reboots or resets.


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Definitely something new for me to try. Thanks for the recommendation! :hugs:

Oh men, thanks so much. In the recent months I’ve been managed to make nginx and gunicorn work through services in /etc/systemd/system following a DigitalOcean tutorial, but never understand deeply that I can also use systemctl for the same with other servers, like Rasa in this case.

Something else.

I’ve notice that in the past versions of Rasa, we could start the Rasa services (actions, interactive learning, etc.) not by command lines but with code in script files. I’ve been trying to make this posible in the latest version but without look, Rasa has just change to much (I think). ¿It is still posible? ¿Not having to rely in the server included with Rasa?

Thanks again!


thanks - glad that I could help. I am not quite sure how updated those programmatical calls are, but referring to:

It is possible - under restrictions. If you want me to, I could investigate that in the following week - this week is quite busy.

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Julian you’ve been so helpful. Systemd unit files works perfectly. Don’t worry about checking that script thing, unless you personally were interested. Thank you so much!

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