How to send user input data to action file

having a problem to send user input to an action file. could someone tell what needs to be set in domain file and in the action file to read the input which user sent and return the response as dispatcher.utter_message .

i have a intent:servicename which will ask for service name to user then this data as to pass to action file. how to read this data in action file? i did not get enough information to understand this concept . could some one tell me

Hey @vishwanathks you can use tracker object for that in your custom action,


Jitesh, I tried tracker.latest_ response.get(’ text’). It works thanks for the help Can you tell me which object I need to call for previous input of the user not the latest one?

Hey @vishwanathks I haven’t tried out this but you can try this


Hey, @JiteshGaikwad

please help me on taking user input as name does not trained in the intent using forms from_text method.

thanks in advance

@mounika2, Can you show me your nlu pipeline