How to send more than two parameters with post request

Hey, I’m testing a basic chatbot and has successfully integrate that to my frontend UI as well. As per the documentation, we can send a post request as mentioned below.

I’m successfully capturing the sender_id in my custom actions with the help of below function:


However my requirement is to capture one more paramter from frontend UI (i.e. company_code), later i’ll use both these parameters in custom actions to call APIs for data extraction. Any idea how to do this because I’m pretty new to this and have no idea how to send more parameters in post requests and later how to capture these in custom actions.

PS. I tried to add one more parameter with the post request but was getting error for that parameter, once my custom action for getting executed.

You need to implement your own custom channel. You can use the class RestInput Class as base class.

Do i need to update rasa/core/channels/ in my rasa’s directory or need to define a new channel in /rasa/core/ channels /??

You can do both. You can extend the file with you own class or write you class in an own file.