How to send data from to an HTML page?

The contains a custom action which runs some queries on a database. The results from these queries are very long and dont look good in the small chat window, hence, I want to display them in an HTML page. In the chat window, I want to give the link to this page, which will have the data generated from How do I go about this?

@Arnav Your custom action would need to trigger the creation of the web application you are describing, which would reply with the link that you can send to the user

Thanks @tyd , how can I trigger the creation of a web app from custom actions? Do I need to use something like flask running alongside?

@Arnav This is well outside the territory of Rasa but that sounds reasonable (i.e. a flask server with an API endpoint you call from the custom action code to 1) send the information needed to run the query and 2) get the link you want to send to the user)