How to reset Slots in between the conversation?


I have created a weather bot. Here first time the location(Chico) assign to the stot properly and the result showing as expected.

As per the story the bot will ask to the user for the weather continuously.
So in same conversation, I asked the weather for another place(Irish Town), but the result is showing with previous Slot value (Chico). Please see the attached image to get more details about the issue.

Also please find the attached stories and Domain…

here my question is, how can I reset the slot value in between the conversation?

Thanks in Advance, EB (1.7 KB)

weather_domain.yml (714 Bytes)

Hey Eli, what you want to do is reset the slots, which is something Tracker is responsible. I like to thing that Tracker object as a watcher on an exchange of Events between the user and the bot (here as Agent), keeping track of which Slots were set; and to whom it may refer (sender_id). All that said to tell you that the way to interact with the slots is via an Event. And there is one made up for that task. The way to use them is by returning them on a CustomAction(Action)'s run method.