How to read attachment files on slack channel in rasa?

Hi community , I am creating a Rasa bot on slack channel and want to extract details if an user sends an attachment to the bot

Hi Amit, what have you tried so far?

Hi Melinda , I connected rasa bot to slack via ngrok ! Did all connections in credentials.yml file Wanted to know if user sends some attachment at slack side , how we can track or see it at Rasa side ?

Hi @mloubser , Can we have some sort of solution for this ? I am working on some critical issue and needs to be urgently addressed Please assist

What I mean is what have you tried for extracting the attachment? that’s going to depend on the Slack API and how you’re using it.

Hi @mloubser , I tried extracting messages from slack by tracking metadata from slack using tracker of RASA , but no luck ! Is there any direct method to track slack messages in RASA ?

Regards , Amit Mishra

Hi @mloubser , Any luck on this ?

Regards, Amit