How to push RASA core to the certain STATE(skip part of conversation)


Let’s say I have a story and I want to skip part of the story and go straight to the middle of conversation. I need to do it programmatically. I understand that I can use Tracker and Events to do it. It just not clear how exactly. I need to push my conversation so it starts from certain intent/checkpoint. I read documentation about Tracker and events seems to be very limited, I can set or reset slots only. Please, can you point me where I can start?

I would provide an extra story which starts at the point in the middle. Here is a list of events which you can use in custom actions to manipulate the tracker: Events. Using this you could for example add an UserUttered event which matches the intent which starts your short story.

E.g. long story

* greet
  - utter_greet
* search_restaurant
  - utter_list_restaurant
* select_restaurant
  - utter_ask_how_many_seats

Short story

* select_restaurant
  - utter_ask_how_many_seats

May I ask what’s the use case for that?

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Sure. If chatbot is not fully driven by user conversation, then many decisions are made outside of RASA core engine(we have existing java backend). In that case I want to skip parts of conversation and move directly to certain part of conversation.

Ok, did my answer help you or do you still have open questions?

Indeed. Thank you Tobias for help. Sorry, my first answer wasn’t clear. No, I don’t have questions anymore.