How to proactively initiate conversation?

How do i get some kind of skill that post question or chitchat in a proactive manner ?

Is there are best practices @akelad ?

Maybe you point me to Custom Component that makes initial post after some specific time of delay in conversation to make it more natural and longer?

What do you mean specifically? You can use ReminderScheduled events to schedule messages for a later time. Apart from that, the user always has to initiate the conversation.

I think the most similar i am asking for is Events

Situation: i don’t know particular time to schedule event, i only want to resume conversation in case user stop posting to bot for 5-10 sec. That means he want to leave conversation or bored of stupid bot when you always need to ask him, but bot never ask user of something

But, i cannot invoke this event after every question, only in case user hangs 5-10 sec

that’s something you could only really do with the ReminderScheduled event. I don’t think it’s really good practice to constantly prompt the user after 5-10 seconds though