How to prevent payload displaying

Hi, With regards to the following example:

I’d like to find a way to avoid the displaying of “/how_cream{}” in the UI, but still I need it to be in the payload because it has to trigger the event. Is there any workaround? Thank you

The intent of the Rasa X Talk to your bot interface is to show the developer what is going on so they can troubleshoot the bot. It’s not intended to be an end user interface.

The Scalable Minds chatroom also displays this information and there is a issue to address this in that UI.

I saw the same behaviour in my command line and Rasa X Talk so I thought it was just the standard functioning. But actually it didn’t happen in Slack, so yes, you are right. Thank you

The information is passed from the Rasa Core to the client. It’s up to the client what to display to the user.