How to manage rasa events in memory


After several rounds of conversations with the bot the number of events in tracker store rose to significant amount and this leads to high latency in the coming responses.

What is best way to maintain the response time because when server starts the response time lies ~300-600ms but after few hours it increases to ~8s - 12s , sometimes more.

Not able to find any solution for the problem. Here is a snap of events number:

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Hi @ojas

How many messages have you sent to the bot? Also could you give more details of your setup e.g. domain, config.

Our bot is selection based and on click of particular button it sends a specific payload that triggers custom action. In custom action I am fetching various user details and setting the slots with the values received in custom action.

(just to check events) I have created a loop that runs 50 times and passes the same payload and triggers that custom action mentioned above. Every time the custom action is new events are appended in the previous ones thus making the event data so large.

We have a short journey of 7-8 steps after that user comes again and flow starts again. I don’t want to store events for that user in memory after chat is done.

Is there any way to manage such large number of events in memory, because after a period of time it results in significant delay in response.

Thanks for your reply!

could you show me the tracker so I can see what events are being stored?

thanks for the reply @jjuzl Here is the screenshot of events that are being stored in rasa.

This is leading to slow responses over the period of time.

Is that the expected number of SlotSet events? Or do you think there are too many being created? Also, what tracker store are you using?