How to make rasa to skip re-compiling of and make use of pre-compiled .pyc file instead?

I am working on a rasa chatbot. Currently, I came to know how to use file for custom actions. But I would like to know that,

I have a complete rasa bot which is working perfectly fine. I want to host the actions.cpython-38.pyc file in some other rasa chatbot to host it on different platforms. I don’t want to use docker or Kubernetes for this. If anyone understands this please let me know what I should do.

Thank you.

I have tried in copying the actions.cpython-38.pyc file from one directory to other directory.But every time I run the command “rasa run actions” in my second project but rasa every time re-compiles the directly without going for .pyc files, the existing .pyc files are replaced by newly compiled resultants by rasa. If there is any solution for this other than copying the code of one project file to other file, I would like to know…