How to make rasa chatbot to search any topic from google?

I created a simple Rasa Chatbot and trained with basic questions but if user ask anything other than what I trained it should search from Google and show it. How to do it. Thank you.

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I guess you’ll have to write a custom action that takes the user input (or part of it), sends it to the Custom Search JSON API by Google and displays the responses accordingly. I suggest you look into Rasa Custom Actions and above mention Google API


One approach could be:

You can have something like an out-of-scope intent (see this example) and trigger a custom action on that intent. In this custom action you can hit google’s api to search for the text.


can you show me an example or sample code because where to use it I have no idea and thanks for fast reply.

In your file, you write:

## search_google
* out_of_scope
    - action_search_google

Now you need to implement this action in your See doc. You can either scrape the search page or use Google API as mentioned by @sugarshock for getting the search results.

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Thank you so much.

I want to search the out _of_scope text on duck duck go search engine and display the results . I want to implement this as a custom action.Request someone to help me with this. Thank you.

Hey skjainmiah, Did you find solution to your problem? I am also trying to build something similar to this for my personnel use. I am trying to fetch meaning of some particular medical term from a website which user will input in the rasabot. This is the website:

I am trying to use Google Custom Search API

I have got no success in this.

Can you please share your repository if you have implemented something similar in your bot. That will be of great help!


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