How to load Rasa model version 3x into Jupyter Notebook to use Python package and library?

Hello Rasa Comunity,

I am currently working on project about NLP model explainability. I was given with 2 files: - nlu.yml - models.tar.gz - No stories, domains, rules and other files. Just classify the right intent and entity

Can I load my model file into Jupyter Notebook and transfer/treat them as models of sklearn and tensorflow because I need to use LIME and SHAP for post-evaluation and explainability. Or any similar tools/API already installed in RASA that satisfying my requirement? I’ve already have looked on search engine and rasa community but most of them are version 2x solution.

Looking forwards to seeing your help!! Thank you!!!

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I have also same question please notify me if have any solution or any resourse thank you so much LiteBlue