How to jump on states of stories when entity found

## Story 1
* Sales 
  - what_do_to_want_to_buy
* Sales {cake : ''cake"}
  - which_time_type
*Sales {flavour:"chocolate"}
  - ask_weight 
*Sales {wg: "5 pound"}
  - any_other_order
 - close


I want to order a chocolate cake of 5 pound.

you can see that  [cake], [chocolate], and [5 pound] are found entities, so it must escape that all questions.            

**without doing this**

## stories 2

*Sales {cake : "cake"},{flavour:"chocolate", wg: "5 pound"}
  - any_other_order
 - close

The bot must reply do you want any other order to place.

it must escape the first three steps.

Hi @azizullah2017, I think you could try using forms to achieve this. You can have a look at our docs ant let me know if this is helpful.

@EPedrotti thanks for replying. I am stuck a little bit . how to handle conditional statement in slot filling. @akelad if yes, so ask further, if no do not ask. without writing story, can write custom code, when no, fill all the other with blank ?

## story 1
user: I want to order a cake.
bot: ok, Is there any other preference ?
user: yes 
bot: How much sugar do i have to put in.
user: 50 mg pounds.
bot: How much coclocate should I used 100 mg or 200 mg?
user : 100 mg
bot: your order is complete
## story 2
user: I want to order a cake.
bot: ok, Is there any other preference ?
user: no
bot: your order is complete

In this case you don’t need to handle the conversations path yourself. This is what core is for. You can simply put stories in your data that show the different paths that the conversation could take.In this case you would put some stories with the preferences and some without.

@EPedrotti for two logical condtion, I would need 4 different stories, think about 10 logical stories. So I would need about of story and I would need alot of time to train that too.

I am trying to handle with this handling-conditional-slot-logic

rule-based conditional slot questioning can be done in required_slots method: rasa_core_sdk/ at bdc7611dd3c4c5e9a932a02a10830f389a3a7b53 · RasaHQ/rasa_core_sdk · GitHub by using tracker and creating appropriate list of requested slots depending on the tracker

@Ghostvv thanks.

do you know about this . during validate when the input is wrong on second Time I get this error.

RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration 

can you post debug log, when and where it happens?

my mistake, there was error in my code.