How to invoke rasa chatbot from my own website


I have implemented the rasa chatbot and got it running on my localhost. I have also been able to place it on GCS and using the external IP am able to access it and run the index.html from there and it is working fine. I have used nginx and docker-compose to achieve the same - following @JiteshGaikwad’s comments in this forum.

Now, I am stuck here. The question is, how do I get this running in our website? I also tried the custom channel imeplementation by @scalableminds code to achieve the same but that also works only in localhost.

How to invoke this chatbot on our webpage - I am a ML engineer and new to js and websockets? I know I am missing some important link here. Can someone please help.

Also is it possible to use heroku instead of GCS?

Regards Sara.

Are you familiar with HTTP REST APIs? It is possible to use the webhooks API to have a conversation with the bot: Your Own Website But of course you would need some kind of user interface where users on your website could chat with the bot

No, am not familiar. Is there any example I could try out?

I have made the chat widget and it works on index.html on my localhost as well as if I use GCS and run it on a server.

Regards Sara.

I suppose that you first try out the Rasa Webhooks API using a client like Postman so you can see what a HTTP response looks like. After that you can follow that post to call that REST API from your website using JavaScript: html - How to call a REST web service API from JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

Hi Leon,

I already have the “POST” commands in my js file which I have used for my frontend using index.html. I had followed @JiteshGaikwad’s tutorials to implement the frontend using index.html in GCS. Now I need to do the same in our own website. Thats where I am stuck. I tried using POSTMAN and it is working fine for the POSTs and GETs commands.

It would be really helpful if there was some implementation I could follow for implementing the same in my own website.

Regards Sara.

@sara20 have you got success?

if yes, can you share the solution. Many thanks in advance!