How to intergrate RASA X with Facebook Message on Kubenetes

Dear All,

I deployed RASA X to kubenetes cluster. It worked fine with default web chat. Now I want to intergrate it with Facebook message. How can I do it?

I tested RASA X on server deployment mode and tested successfully with Facebook Messenger - using ngrok on port 5005. But i dont know how to configure webhook on kubenetes cluster.

Could you, please advise this?

Thank you.

Hi @nhha1602 we’re working on adding docs for this (should be there soon hopefully). In the meantime here’s a preview:

To configure the messaging and voice channels <>_ which the Rasa container should use, put the content of your credentials.yml in the values.yml as done in this example:

.. code-block:: yaml
    # rasa: Settings common for all Rasa containers
      # additionalChannelCredentials which should be used by Rasa to connect to various
      # input channels
      additionalChannelCredentials: |
          user_message_evt: user_uttered
          bot_message_evt: bot_uttered
          session_persistence: true/false

Additionally, there’s a Masterclass video on this topic. It focuses on the docker-compose setup, but the concept is the same.


Thank you for your helps.

This credentials.yml file located in rasa-rasa-x ? I tried to edit this file, but not ok by system limited access (read only file)

Please advise this.

@nhha1602 that should be on your persistent directory. You can edit it with sudo usually.

Hi, i’m talking in Kubenetes cluster. I can edit it but just when I deploy rasa. I tried to edit it via Kubenetes dashboard - Config Map, but it not effected.

I also tried to login rasa-x pod, edit with root user but also failed.

what do you mean “it not effected”? have you restarted the pod?


Thank you, I restarted this pod and it takes new ones.

I think we can close this issue. Thank you for your supports.