How to implementing multiprocessing when load agent for each user?

Hi all,

Currently, I have a issue is use multiprocessing in Python, loading model and handle_message for each user’s message, to each user will load model NLU and Dialogue corresponding. But in target function of multiprocessing, I use agent passed, then agent not response to anything.


Hey @LeMinhHung95. What frontend are you going to use for your bot? You should be able to maintin the user’s messages by passing user_id to the connector between the frontend (chat UI) and Rasa agent.

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Hi @Juste, I have passed user_id to Rasa agent, issue at here is each user will have a distinction agent, when I save agent 1 for user A, user A chatting with bot agent 1, then user B using agent 2 be created, user B chatting with bot agent 2, then can agent 2 response null list :disappointed_relieved:.