How to handle Multiple agents and put the bot to production server?

Hi, I have developed a Chatbot to ease Leave application of HRMS project. Now, how do I make it to be used by people across organization? Do I have to load agent separately for each employee? If so, how do I do that?

Hi @chandraelkoochi, Rasa allows you to use different input channels which your employees can connect to. Please check out the docs on, and particularly the ones on connect your assistant to

Thanks. I am able to set up using Chat widget.

But response from isn’t displaying.I started the command action server by ‘python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions’, which throws error saying “Encountered an exception while running action ‘action_apply_leave’. Bot will continue, but the actions events are lost. Make sure to fix the exception in your custom code.”

Your action code probably encountered an error. Check the logs of action server.

yeah. The mistake I made was I skipped ‘endpoints.yml’ file in my project. Adding it and running ‘python -m --credentials credentials.yml -u models/nlu/default/“your_model_name” -d models/dialogue --endpoints endpoints.yml -p 5500’ command in terminal made the response come back.