How to handle negative/positive responses


I am using Rasa NLU for intents and entity extraction. I am finding it difficult to map sub context answers like e.g Do you want to proceed with booking? User types: Yes/No

How to map the yes or no to the previous intent? considering i have trained many intents and yes/no might be for any intent, and I can’t train a generic intent for handling yes/no sentences.

Kindly note: I don’t use rasa core. Is there anyway to handle subcontext?

Hi @mindstack

Well I might be wrong and there might be another ways of doing this. But why would you map yes or no to the previous intent? Yes and No are intents for itself. Even if you are not using rasa core, I think your bot logic should answer according to the history of intents and not just the last intent.

So, for example, in the bot logic I would do something like this:

if intent[-2] == "book_car" and intent[-1] == "affirm": dosomething