How to handle multi intents in Rasa 2.x

I am using Rasa 2.2.10. And I want to handle multi intents. In Rasa 1.x we used to mention a separate intent with some examples and in config.yml we define “EmbeddingIntentClassifier” to handle multi-intents. How do we achieve it in Rasa 2.x. I tried same approach as of Rasa 1.x and getting below error: ComponentNotFoundException: Failed to load the component 'EmbeddingIntentClassifier'. Cannot find class 'EmbeddingIntentClassifier' in global namespace

@Naman ,

See this rasa 1 to rasa 2 migration-page:

“The deprecated EmbeddingIntentClassifier has been removed. If you used this component in your pipeline configuration (config.yml ) you can replace it with DIETClassifier. It accepts the same configuration parameters.”