How to give acces for users other than admin to localhost:5005/model/parse

I am using jwt baesd authentication

when i hit localhost:5005/model/parse response is as follows.

payload = {“user”: {“username”: “user123”, “role”: “user”}}

{ “version”: “1.3.5”, “status”: “failure”, “message”: “User has insufficient permissions.”, “reason”: “NotAuthorized”, “details”: {}, “help”: “Running the Server”, “code”: 403 }

Hey @juvanthomas, the docs mention that for any endpoint that if the user has admin role, then all endpoints will be accessible. If the user has user role, then only endpoints that use a sender_id parameter are accessible, only when the sender_id matches the username property. Since the /model/parse endpoint does not have a sender_id parameter, it’s only available to admin users.


were you able to get solution for this ?.

is there a user in Rasa to do admin?. how does this work. I am working on setting up Rasa Talk. looks like I need to provide payload which is user. but I do not know what user is available in my Out of the box setup in Rasa. any help