How to Get the response text of the ActionExecuted in deserialized JSON object


Iam able to get the deserialized object in JSON format and

Part of the JSON :

“py/object”: “rasa_core.conversation.Dialogue”, “events”: [{ “py/object”: “”, “action_name”: “action_listen”, “timestamp”: 1533325206.6908798, “unpredictable”: false }, { “py/object”: “”, “entities”: [], “intent”: { “confidence”: 0.979422926902771, “name”: “greet” }, “parse_data”: { “entities”: [], “intent”: { “confidence”: 0.979422926902771, “name”: “greet” }, “intent_ranking”: [{ “confidence”: 0.979422926902771, “name”: “greet” }, { “confidence”: 0.0866081640124321, “name”: “bye” }, { “confidence”: 0.07435746490955353, “name”: “applicationnumber” }, { “confidence”: -0.3126333951950073, “name”: “query” }], “model”: “model_20180731-154336”, “project”: “SSPAGENT”, “text”: “Hi” }, “text”: “Hi”, “timestamp”: 1533325206.7008827 }, { "py/object": “”, ** “action_name”: “utter_greet”,** ** “timestamp”: 1533325206.7308917,** ** “unpredictable”: false** }, { “py/object”: “”, “action_name”: “action_listen”, “timestamp”: 1533325206.731892, “unpredictable”: false },

the above JSON contains the both user input and as well as the response action (utter_greet) but we need utter_greet’s Response Text too.

How to get that response text as part of this JSON with calling the 'Respond" API

Sorry where are you getting this json from? Calling the /respond endpoint?

I have followed above steps to deserialize the object stored in redis.

and then the above dialogue is converted by following below steps

import jsonpickle jsonpickle.encode(sample) (Sample is variable refer the screen shot)

@sridhar-v9 I have just solved this problem

Let me know if it works for you

It is not working for me it shows the traceback like sender_id is not defined.