How to format bot respond text to bold, italic, underlined... in Rasa X

I have an action that can analyse English writing text and inspect spelling and grammar errors (similar to Grammarly) and I need a way to highlight the incorrect word by in Rasa X. How can I do this

Hi there, I just have one question to help understand what you’re trying to do. When you say you want to highlight the incorrect word in Rasa X, where exactly in Rasa X do you mean?

In the respond chat of the bot

I believe that whilst you might potentially be able to do a little bit of formatting via markdown markup in some places, this kind of customisation isn’t really possible in Rasa X since it’s not open source. If you want more customisation, you’d likely be better off implementing your own custom interface using the Rasa Open Source channels. If I recall correctly, you initially mentioned that this was more of a proof of concept to show your professor, so you could potentially just use an existing open source widget like Chatroom and customise that on a very simple HTML page. I hope that helps!

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