Formatted text is not shown correctly

Hi all!

We have defined in our domain.yml file some answers which contains text we want to be shown with some format, i.e:

templates: utter_saludo:

  • text: Hola. Soy un chatbot. Mi función […]

But, this is not what our assistant shows. What is shown is literally “** chatbot **”, instead of chatbot

How can we get this working?

Hi @juanmariareina! Where channel are you using with your assistant? The formatting would be determined by whatever channel you are using

Well, we inserted the widget in our webpage. I’m not sure if I’ve understood your question…

Then I assume you are using a channel like this?


Here you have a screenshot. I hope it clears it up

Okay, yes. You will need to change the code of your chat window widget, so that it shows your text with some format