How to fix "Encountered an exception while running custom action"

my custom action “action_book_room” is not being executed when the corresponding intent is identified.

error :Encountered an exception while running action ‘action_book_room’. There is no error even in the action server strong text

this is the " action_book_room " code:

Check 3 things

pip install rasa-sdk
pip install rasa  # sometime you may mix up the dependecy because you wanna install a new set of lib for other program

now, to run action, could you key in

rasa run actions -vv

this is debug mode, then you can post your rasa-core log file here for us to review.

when i execute the pip commands for rasa and rasa-sdk i get “requirements already satisfied”.

I’m able to run " rasa shell" properly without that exception

but when i execute " rasa interactive" i get that issue. My rasa_core.log is empty. image

Did you start the action server alongside the interactive shell?

yes, i have . neither there are logs in rasa_core.log nor errors in action server

Hi @Vyshnavi-R

you have to start the bot with:

rasa interactive -m <model_path> --endpoints <endpoints.yml_path>

Normally the bot would start with default paths but not in interactive mode.

Did that help?



great !! that worked, thanks :blush:

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