How to export data from Rasa X (Kubernetes)?

Hello everyone,

I got a problem with Rasa X, and I need your help to solve it. There is a Rasa X deployment in Azure Kubernetes, and it is connected to a Github repository. We wanted to connect this bot to another repository, but we noticed Rasa X didn’t save the changes to the first one, and we can’t find a way to extract Rasa X files successfully.

We don’t want to lose all the training data, so is there a way to safely export Rasa X data?

I tried:

  • To download the data from Rasa X UI, but it is not enough info to recover the current bot.
  • To access Kubernetes and extract the info, but I can’t find where is Rasa X installed. I checked on the pods and look for ‘/etc/rasa’, but it doesn’t exist.

Thank you for reading this post, I would like to provide more information, but I’m new to Kubernetes and Rasa.