How to eradicate slack http time-out error

I am activating a form just after an EXTERNAL intent on slack but I am not able to fill the form as I am getting an http_timeout error.

  1. Even after using async functions I am getting Slack http time-out error after triggering a form after an EXTERNAL Intent.
  2. To reduce latency between rasa server and action server.

Please help me to resolve this issue, I need to make it run efficiently ASAP !.

Getting an error:

Received retry #1 request from slack due to http_timeout

My rules.yml looks like this

   - rule: send out notice
    - intent: EXTERNAL_notice
    - action: utter_notice
    - action: info_form
    - active_loop: infp_form

  - rule: submit info form
    - active_loop: info_form
      - action: info_form
      - active_loop: null
      - action: utter_submit