How to do a REST in a discussion

Hello. I am a beginner with rasa, so far I have successfully defined some stories. but I have some problems instructing the charbot so that during a discussion with the user the chatbot starts a POST to a web server to log in. I am going crazy!! i would like to know some write domain.yml credential.yml config.yml and endpoint, yml files so that you have such a discussion:

user: hello

chatbot: hi, how can i help you?

user: I would like to log into the sysaid server

charbot: enter name

user: giorgio

catbot: enter: password

user: mypassword

and the chatbot sends PUT via rest to


with content type : application/jason.

body: {“user_name”:“giorgio”,“password”:“piopiopio1”}

I’m having difficulty using the slot and starting the action in a use case that integrates everything together.

I inserted the entry in the credentials.yml file: rest:

and the voice

rasa: url: “http: // localhost: 5002 / api”

I started rasa through the instruction:

rasa run --enable-api - cors “*” --debug

in the endpoint.yml file I wrote: action_endpoint: url: “” (it is the address of the webserver where to do the PUT)

but I can’t write the other files correctly. I probably skipped something.

it would be very helpful to see all the files as they should be written. thank you so much.

Hi @giorgio!

Please excuse me if I’m wrong, I think you need some basic understanding of how rasa works. Have you checked the rasa master class videos? They are very helpful.

With that being said, I would love to help you. Let me know what you have done so far (like in terms of stories, intents, and actions) and then we can build upon it further.