How to display image inside project folder in custom action

Hi all,

I have an image in my project directory. My bot is hosted on telegram via ngrok.

I have a custom action, to display the image as well. I tried using `


` But it dosn’t display the image.

What path do I give to display the image?


you can use utter_template(template_name ,tracker,link=Link)

template_name will render that image

hey @bparikh99,

But that is a link of an image, that’s on the internet right ? For that it works.

The image i want to show is on my local machine ( inside project directory ).

Then, it’s not working.

Hi @_sanjay_r. Here’s what Alan said:


Thanks @k1m,

I used imgur.

what is passed to template_name in utter_template? im a little confused about that