How to dispatch image button

Hi everyone,

I am working on a use case in which, based on user intent + entity a graph image is generated and S3 url is received. I need to send s3 url + url to a web page as an image button to my chat UI. Since my front end supports HTML i thought of sending this message as an image tag enclosed within a href tag <a href="URL"><img src="IMG_PATH"></a> but when this message gets dispatched i am getting unwanted backward slash in my URL

eg: dispatcher.utter_message(f'< a href=""><img src='https://s3url/graph1/img1"></a>') but once this get back to UI the response is as follows:

< a href="\graph/\user/\"><img src='https://s3url/\graph1/\img1"></a>'

So is there any way to fix this or is there any generic way to create a image button in Rasa ? @JiteshGaikwad


Hi @Anand_Menon ,

I think you have to manage all front end or html work at UI side just send link and other details using custom json and do it at UI side

Using dispatcher.utter_custom_json(json_data)