How to detect chat platform in

How can I know which platform user send message (telegram, slack or facebook messenger) when handle custom actions?

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You should be able to achieve that by passing input_channel attribute UserMessage class which will store the channe which the message came trough. Then, you can get the value of the input channel using the tracker: tracker.get_latest_input_channel

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@Juste, can you please show a simple example on how to do this?

I have passed like below and called tracker.get_latest_input_channel inside which throws AttributeError: ‘Tracker’ object has no attribute ‘get_latest_input_channel’

input_channel = SlackInput(SLACK_BOT_TOKEN)



agent.handle_channels([input_channel], int(port), serve_forever=True).

Though i know am getting input from Slack platform, i need to know, from which slack channel Input is being sent.

I just updated Rasa Core to version 0.11.12 and I still got the error message:

"AttributeError: 'Tracker' object has no attribute 'latest_input_channel'"

"AttributeError: 'Tracker' object has no attribute 'get_latest_input_channel'"

"AttributeError: 'Tracker' object has no attribute 'get_latest_input_channel()'"

Follow the doc at: I think this attribute should be in the tracker now.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

I also post the question to Stack Overflow. If there are useful answers, I will re-up them here.

Finally I found the solution. Just get input_channel from Events.

input_channel =[1]['input_channel']

Hope the input_channel will be fixed for next release of RASA.

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@vinhphat89 Any idea on how to find from which Slack channel id the user sends the message?

@vigneshp826 I’m not sure about Slack but we can use sender_id to identify the conversation between bot and user. In my case is Telegram.

We can manually send the messages to user based on sender_id. (more references at Telegram Bot API and chat_id is sender_id when you call sendMessage function)

@vinhphat89 in my case, normally i will get the payload like below when i use slack events adapter instead of RASA.

message output: {‘type’: ‘message’, ‘ts’: ‘1545818978.001400’, ‘client_msg_id’: ‘43fb4827-fddd-4dc1-985a-eef3b3b4b1ad’, ‘text’: ‘hi’, ‘channel_type’: ‘im’, ‘channel’: ‘DAT7U3PST’, ‘user’: ‘W94SC8XU7’, ‘event_ts’: ‘1545818978.001400’, ‘team’: ‘T02N7570P’}

In Rasa, sender_id just provides “user” details. Btw i created a new topic on this Find Slack Channel ID.

Thank you very much for your insights :slight_smile:

You should use tracker.get_current_state().get(‘latest_input_channel’) because you’re using the rasa_core_sdk where the get_latest_input_channel() method doesn’t exist, but it’s returned as part of the tracker state.

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With RASA 1.9.6 we can get input channels in actions using below code:

channel = tracker.get_latest_input_channel()

hi. can you give an example code for this? i want to edit the message of the bot on telegram but i dont know how to access it through thank you!

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