How to Deploy Rasa with Node js

I have created a Rasa Open Source application, now I want to integrate it with my own website and deploy it using node js and Heroku. how can I do it?

Hey @_JAYA , welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you browsed through similar topics here on the forum? I think you can find a lot of advice here on how to deploy Rasa on Heroku. I think it’s also separate from deploying your actual website – since the Rasa instance and the website communicate via standard HTTP APIs…

Let me know if this helps or if you’ve got any particular questions you can’t find answered here already.

@SamS thank you for your response :slight_smile: I am trying to deploy rasa with my actual website directly, that’s why I am getting stuck. Can you please tell me more about the Rasa instance and website communication via standard HTPP APIs? How can I implement that?

Hi @_JAYA,

it’s an old demo, but you might appreciate this project. It’s part of the webkit speech demo tutorial. It’s a modest demo but it’s using Rasa as a server to communicate to the frontend.

The main thing though, is to run Rasa via;

rasa run --enable-api
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I’m also working on a tutorial that uses another project (this might actually be a better place to start too). It uses the chatroom.js community project found here.

Hey @koaning Thanks for your response :slight_smile: I will definitely try this tutorial :+1: Meanwhile I deployed Rasa and Website using wamp server and Ngrok, it’s also working fine :slight_smile: