How to deploy rasa to existing website or how to it


I want to deploy rasa onto my existing website.

I am facing an issue because of the root available server provided by rasa default

Actually, in the current scenario, I am using two rasa projects for different languages:

  • English Language (i.e.English action → port-5056 & English rasa → port-5005)
  • Hindi Language (i.e. Hindi action → port-5057 & Hindi rasa → port-5007)

now the thing is, the rasa server of both languages starts with root (i.e. / ). so after my IP, I need something to differentiate between these two languages. so I need to change the root path like below

so instead of root (/) where I can have root as like en/ & hi/ ?

so how to deploy them to my website?


I think you have to learn form rasa more.

You can address this with a reverse proxy like nginx