How to create custom number of question using FormAction


I want to make a questionnaire bot using RASA stack However, the questionnaire is custom/dynamic, and it is built using a web app (similar to google form) The questions will be taken from a webapp, and being asked one by one to the user Is it possible to use RASA stack to handle this problem?

Another problem is that, the question in the questionnaire has several types, like, multiple choice, or scale 1-4 or 1-10, or free text Since the question is dynamic and answer can be free text, the bot may predict that the user wish to do another intent, whereas the user just want to answer the question. Is it possible to only restrict the possible action when the user is doing the questionnaire to only: “answer_question” and “exit_questionnaire”?

See Handling conditional slot logic](Forms) in Forms, which seems to fit the need to customize the number of questions.