How to create a User Interface of Rasa Bot

Can you help me in making user interface of the rasa bot with nodejs and user guide is not helping much in this.

Hey @ymehta18 check out this

GitHub - mrbot-ai/rasa-webchat: A chat widget easy to connect to chatbot platforms such as Rasa Core

See if this helps: React Simple Chatbot

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I have seen that but i want to know how can i connect my frontend UI that i have made to connect it with Rasa. I have already made the UI part using socket and Rasa bot is also working fine on CLI. Now, i want to connect those two so that I can have my bot talking to me on my site. I am not under standing that git hub page. null is not the accepted origin is the error m getting when i m tryig to connect to the rasa server

I have the exact same error message, i.e. “null is not an excepted origin”. rasa-webchat used to work fine for me in the past, but something must have changed with an update. I didn’t change my configuration.

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What should I do now to remove this error?

hi i have the same error did someone figure out how to solve it

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that the solution to the problem is described here:

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I wasted so many hours on this. Thanks for the solution!

Hi, we have developed an open source tool (GUI) for training RASA bots. Try it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is an open source framework to create test and deploy RASA chatbots called kAIron .`

A demo link is available here

Note : I am actively participating in the group

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This is Kairon Screen which helps you train / test and deploy RASA bots and gives more indepth tools to deal with training such bots

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This is the new coversation designer for kAIron chatbots . Do let us know what you think about it "?

Here is the completed video tutorial for the new UI to construct RASA chatbots →

kAIron to Create Train Deploy and Monitor chatbots

hi jitesh can you please tell how to add tooltip in rasa chat bot